Sunday, June 18, 2017

Create Network Interfaces Separately in AWS to Tag With Names

Here's a hint - create Network Interfaces (ENIs) separately in AWS CloudFormation so you can assign names via tags. That way when you pull up your list of ENIs you will have a name associated with each ENI that appears in the first column making it easier to identify.

Why ENIs vs. EC2 Instances only? Because when you look in VPC Flow Logs they will be assigned to ENI IDs, not EC2 Instance IDs.

Of course you'll probably want some sort of better reporting tool in the long run but in the short term if you are trying to find an ENI associated with an instance to look up the VPC flow logs for that ENI, might be easier if you have names associated with the ENIs.

Here's an example of ENIs created separately with Name Tags assign: