Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Do You Have HTTP Traffic Hidden in Your HTTPS Page?

I set my Firebox to only allow HTTPS traffic just so I could see what sites don't support SSL. At first I thought the Linksys site did not support SSL. I checked it on my phone and was able to get to the site via https://www.linksys.com. However if you try to reach the site via HTTPS only via Firewall rules that enforce this, you cannot get to the site.

Looking into the firewall logs I can see that when I try to reach that site via HTTPS there are numerous blocked requests to HTTP content on the Amazon network (AWS?). I didn't dig into the code but this could be images, scripts or other content embedded into the site.

Including Non-HTTPS traffic in an HTTPS site weakens the security of the site overall. Here's a nice article from Google on the topic:


Developers of mobile sites and apps should also check that ALL content from a mobile site or APP is also encrypted. It seems that there are some mobile apps out there as well that don't have fully encrypted content.

Linksys makes a lot of consumer products that are easy for the consumer market to use which is great. Hopefully the web site will be updated to a full HTTPS site soon and the mobile app will be checked out as well to make sure it is encrypted end to end.

Many companies believe that simply having HTTPS web sites is sufficient without understanding the implications of mixed content. Turn on your firewall policies to allow HTTPS only, no HTTP and see what you find...